Fixed or Transparent Pricing for Technology Services

A research done by ScrumStart concludes that while customers do not have significant dissatisfaction to a fixed $/hr pricing model globally, however, they would love to get transparent pricing. This verdict is unanimous amongst all customers cutting across the geographies.

Strategic Importance of Automation for GICs

Automation is one of the most important trends that is rapidly taking over enterprises across several industries. This trend has already started to impact many businesses across the globe including numerous GIC’s.

Captives Or Global In-House Centers?
What was initially called a ‘Captive’ is now referred to as GIC which stands for ‘Global In-house Center’. Is this just another change of name and terminology or something more has changed fundamentally in the business model? In this piece, we shall examine the evolution of Captives to Global In-house Centers.
Global In-house Centers

We all have heard of a famous transfer pricing case wherein the Income Tax department had sued a global telecom giant for avoiding thousands of crores of tax by circumventing transfer pricing rules. Many corporations the world over including top technology firms is grappling with Transfer pricing litigations. So, what is Transfer Pricing exactly?

Captive Maturity Cycle

As the name suggests, captive IT companies are created primarily for cost arbitrage, and they remain a low-cost alternative to vendors and onshore IT staff. ScrumStart survey reveals that 42% of the captives do not see any other benefit from their captive except cost advantage and they have been designed with that in mind.

Captive Center

Starting a captive center and running a captive center, are two very different things that require different approaches and probably different leaders as well.

Captives are Not Immune to Trust Deficit

Our experience in creating, scaling up and covering a whole journey to maturity in the previous company helped us understand a unique situation. IT Captives have a difficult job at hand selling their capabilities to their internal teams than a service provider.

IT Provider & Client Trust Deficit

Over several years of our interaction with CEOs with several IT captives and service providers, we could see one area of significant concern, ‘Trust' between the two parties.

Virtual Captives in India

Outsourcing has always taken place out of the need of cost saving and better value. Outsourcing, however, is not a term that has originated in today’s world but has been in existence since over hundreds of years ago for the similar two reasons of; cost saving and lack of skilled labor.

The Emerging Role of the CIO
The role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is one that has seen continuous change over the years, yet we are only just beginning. Next up is the digital revolution, already a train which we all have to jump onto. It is providing our companies with an opportunity to add amazing new capability, and new business opportunities in ways we never planned or could have predicted.


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